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Safeguarding Office

The Dardaanup Boyanup Catholic Parish is committed to the fundamental belief that all children, young people and vulnerable individuals have the right to feel safe at all times.   

The Safeguarding Office is working to establish safeguarding policies and protocols informed by the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards across all its parishes, including educating the Catholic community on child protection and the introduction of Safeguarding Officers.

Analise Roberts
Safeguarding Officer
1 Ferguson Road, Dardanup WA 6236
T: 0408 128 261

The Safeguarding Program provides the practical guidance, tools and support materials we use as a parish.

The Safeguarding Handbook contains the necessary guidelines, policies and documentation to assist clergy, safeguarding officers and Church workers in performing their duties and, as such, must be adhered to in all instances of safeguarding children with the Dardanup-Boyanup Catholic Parish.

Resources for Parents