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Parish Library

Parish Library Books.


This is a list of Library book owned by the parish which are available for parishioners use.

There is a selection available at the rear of the church which will be changed on a regular basis.

Please record your selection, requests or feedback in the book provided.


Author Title Call No Remarks/Category
Alexander Stephanie Alexander Cook Companion 641.5 Cooking
Allen Opus Dei 267 Societies
Arch Diocese of Sydney This is the Mass 264 Liturgy
Auden Markings 234 Faith
Badd Clare – A Light in the Garden 248 Spirituality
Balado Mother Teresa 920 Saints
Barclay The Daily Study Bible 220 Bibles
Barclay The Gospel of Matthew Vol 1 226 Gospels
Barclay The Gospel of Matthew Vol 2 226 Gospels
Barclay The Gospel of Mark 226 Gospels
Baronskvi Creating Small Faith Sharing Communities 282 Catholic Church
Beasley Seeking a Purer Christian Life 271 Religious Orders
Bergart Israel’s Story 220 Bible History
Bignell The Fruit of the Country 994.1 WA History
Bignell To Heaven Through a Window 271 Saints
Binz Introduction to the Bible 220 Bible
Bishops of Australia Commonwealth and Common God 261 Social Justice
Bland History of Ballet and Dance 709 Arts
Blombery What Wildflower is That? 582 Flowers
Boff Saint Francis 271 Saints
Bond Meditation 242 Meditation
Bosetti Luke – The Song of God’s Mercy 226 Gospels
Botts Book of Psalms 223 Psalms
Brandt Psalms Now 223 Psalms
Brandt Prophets Now 220 Bible
Breeman Certain as the Dawn 242 Prayer
Brow He and I 248 Spirituality
Brown The Churches the Apostles Left Behind 270 Church History
Brown The Critical Meaning of the Bible 220 Bible
Burns-Senseman When you are an RCIA Sponsor 282 Catholic Church
Byrne Valiant Women 271 Saints
Byrne A Hard Road 994.1 History
Callon The Spirit of Tony De Mello 242 Meditation
Calvey Hermit 242 Prayer
Camara A Thousand Reasons for Living 242 Prayer & Meditation
Carmelites Shared Memories 255 Religious Orders
Carney To Be a Revolutionary 230 Theology
Carreto The God Who Comes 248 Christian LIfe
Carreto Letters from the Desert 248 Spirituality
Carreto In Search of the Beyond 242 Prayer
Carroll Miraculous Image of Our God 262 Prayer
Chittister Listen with the Heart 242 Prayer
Chittister The Rule of St Benedict 248 Spirituality
Chittister The Gift of Years 200.846
Chittister Illumined Life 248 Christian Life
Clark Good Night God Bless 206 Accommodation
Colebath The Light River 821 Australian Poetry
Coleman A Dozen Daring Christians 270.092 Saints
Comstock The Down Way Up 234 Faith
Conlan In Celebration of Life 230 Christian Life
Coretto Summoned by Love 242 Prayer
Corrigan Filming Emptiness 242 Prayer
Crafton Finding Time for Serenity 242 Prayer
Cullano I Believe Within the Church 234 Faith
Cunningham An Introduction to Catholicism 282 Catholic Church
Cunningham St Benedict’s Prayer Book 242 Prayer
Dalai Lama the Good Heart 291 Other Religions
Danders Jesus is the Way 226 Gospels
Davis The Temptation of Religion 262 Church Procedure
De Lorenzo Blessed Piere Georgio Frassati 282 Catholic Church
De Meester With Empty Hands 271 Saints
De Mello The Prayer of the Frog 242 Prayer
De Mello One Minute Wisdom 242 Meditation
De Mello Living Buddha, Living Christ 291 Other Religions
De Mello The Song of the Brid 242 Prayer
De Mello Wellsprings 248 Spirituality
De Mello Sadhana – A Way to God 269 Retreats
De Mello Contact with God 269 Retreats
De Piazza The History and Family Tree 994.1 WA History
de Waal Seeking God Way of St Benedict 271 Saints
Delaney Saints are Now 271 Saints
Delio Clare of Assisi 271 Saints
Delio Gospel of St Luke 226 Gospels
Diamond Collapse 234 Faith
Dobraczynski Meeting with the Madonna 232.91 Mary
Doherty Fragments of My Life 270 Christian Life
Doherty St Joseph of Cupertino 271 Saints
Doherty A Vacation with the Lord 269 Retreats
Doherty The Code of Canon Law 262 Church Procedure
Doherty Poustinia 248 Christian Life
Doherty The Gospel Without Compromise 226 Gospels
Donders Jesus, Hope Drawing Near 242 Prayer
D’Orsay The Impressionists 759 Art
Dossex Ecerything Starts from Prayer 242 Meditation
Dowley Bach 780 Music
Driot Fathers of the Desert 240 Spirituality
Dumm Cherish Christ Above All 271 Saints
Durepos A Still More Excellent Way 227 Bible Commentaries
Durkin The Acts of the Apostles 226 Gospels
Edwards Called to be Church in Australia 262 Church Procedure
Enzler In the Presence of God 248 Christian Life
Evans Beyond the Political Divide 261 Social Justice
Evans The Conscious Stone 282 Catholic Church
Ewing The Adventures of the Iron Camels 920.72 WA History
Farmer Benedict’s Disciples 271 Saints
Farrell The Father is Very Fond of Me 248 Christian Life
Farrell Disciples and other Strangers 248 Christian Life
Feldmeth We Weep for Ourselves and Our Children 362.76 Social Welfare
Fidanzio Brother Roger of Taize 248 Meditation
Fischer Journeys Not Regretted 271 Religious Orders
Fischer History of the Catholic  Church 282 Catholic Church
Fitzmyer New Testament Answers 225 New Testament
Flannery Making the Most of Breviary 242 Prayer
Foale The Joesphites Go West 994 WA History
Frean Blessed John Neumann 271 Biographies
Freeman The Selfless Self 242 Prayer
Freeman A Pearl of Great Price 242 Prayer
Freeman Lao: A Way to Jesus 232 Jesus
Freeman Spiritual Advice from the Saints 248 Spirituality
Fry United for Mission 994.1 WA History
Furlong Merton – A Biography 271 Religious Orders
Furlong Brid of Paradise 920.72 History
Gamboso The Life of St Anthony 271 Saints
Gardiner Mary Mackillop 271 Religious Orders
Gateley Christ in the Margins 270 Biographies
Geaney You are not on Your Own 248 Spirituality
George Marine Life 591 Biology
Glavich Catholic Companion to Mary 232.91 Mary
Glen Handbook for Ministers of Care 282 Catholic Church
Goffstein Your Lone Journey 741 Death and Dying
Gooding Wildflowers in Art 528 Flowers
Graham Clothed in Christ 282 Christian Life
Grant From Image to Likeness 226 Gospels
Grant Good News Bible 220 Bibles
Grassi Peace on Earth 226 Gospels
Green When the Wells Run Dry 242 Prayer
Green Gods Fool 271 Saints
Green Weeds Among the Wheat 248 Prayer
Griffiths A New Vision of Reality 291 Other Religions
Griffiths Universal Wisdom 248 Spirituality
Griffiths Take Off Your Shoes 266 Missionaries
Guitton The Pope Speaks 262 Papacy
Hagan The Geography of God’s Mercy 230 Christian Life
Hanley Ten Christians 271 Saints
Hannon Running into the Arms of God 242 Prayer
Hanson & Hickey The Joy of Quilting 746 Arts
Hardiman One Hundred Years of Faith 994.1 WA History
Hardiman From East to West You Gather a People 282 Catholic Church
Harman The Mystery We Celebrate 264 Liturgy
Harrington Letter to the Hebrews 225 New Testament
Harrington Mark 226 Gospels
Harrington Mark 226 Gospels
Hartin James, First Peter, Jude, Second Peter 225 New Testament
Hartin Song of a Wounded Healer 282 Catholic Church
Hartin A Monastic Vision from the 21st Century 255 Religious Orders
Harvey Moment by Moment 242 Prayer
Haughey The Conspiracy of Jesus 231 God/Holy Spirit
Hay Marie Claire – Food Fast 641.3 Cooking
Hayes Letters to Exodus Christians 242 Prayer
Hays Pray All Ways 248 Prayer
Hays Prayers for the Domestic Church 249 Prayer
Henderson No Enemy to Conquer 179 Forgiveness
Hendra Father Joe 271 Religious Life
Hermes Making Peace With Yourself 248 Spirituality
Hermes The Journey Within 242 Prayer
Hilluley The Modern Catholic Encyclopedia 282 Catholic Church
Hindley The Larousse Encyclopedia of Music 780 Music
Hinnebusch Friendship in the Lord 234 Faith
Houghton Faith Triumphant 248 Spirituality
Hughes God of Surprises 248 Christian Life
Hulse The Holy Shroud 232 Jesus
Hutson Heal My Heart O Lord 248 Spirituality
Jesuit Community Sacred Space 242 Prayer
Johns Touched by God 271 Religious Life
Johnson The Quest for God 155 Death and Dying
Johnson Love Thy Land 994 History
Johnston Being in Love 242 Prayer
Johnston Psalms and Wisdom 223 Psalms
Kaan Practising the Prayer of Presence 242 Prayer
Karol Wojtyla Collected Poems 808 Poetry
Karris Galatians and Romans 225 New Testament
Kaufman Why You Can Disagree and Remain a Faithful Catholic 282 Catholic Church
Keating Active Meditation for Contemplative Prayer 248 Christian Life
Keating The Little Book of Hugs 158 Feeling
Keegan First and Secong Timothy, Titus 227 Bible
Kelsey Dreams 154.63 Dreams
Kelsey The Other Side of Silence 248 Spirituality
Kempf This is Your Mother 232.91 Mary
Kenny The Meaning of Mary 232.91 Mary
Kenny Living Hope of Christians 230 Christianity
Knight The World is Your Oyster 242 Prayer
Kubler- Ross Q & A on Death and Dying 242 Meditation
Kung Credo 238 Creeds
Kung Mother Teresa – A Simple Path 271 Saints
Kung Infallible 262 Church Procedure
Kung Illustrissini Letters of Pope John Paul I 262 Church Procedure
Kung The Role of the Christian Family in the    Modern World 262 Church Procedure
Kung Mozart 780 music
Kuypers Broome 770 Photography
Kuypers Through the Lens of a Master 770 Photography
La Verdiere When We Pray 242 Prayer
Laici This is the Laity 262 Church Procedure
Lane A Twig is Bent 920 Biographies
Lewis Gertrude the Great of Helfa 248 Christian Life
Lightfoot I wish You Good Spaces 808 Poetry
Llewelyn The Joy of the Saints 242 Prayer
Lullfitz A New Image for WA Plants 582 Plants
Magnin A Hero fo Charity 282 Catholic Church
Main Letters from the Heart 271 Religious Orders
Main Selected Treatises and Sermons 264 Liturgy
Main The Inner Christ 248 Spirituality
Main Moment of Christ 242 Prayer
Main Community of Love 248 Spirituality
Malone Praying with the Women Mystics 811 Poetry
Maloney Inscope 231 God/Holy Spirit
Maloney Indwelling Presence 242 Prayer
Maloney The Living Voice of the Gospel 226 Gospels
Maloney Alone with the Alone 269 Spirit renewal
Maloney Prayer of the Heart 242 Prayer
Maloney Mary: The Womb of God 232.91 Mary
Maloney Mary: Woman & Mother 232.91 Mary
Maloney Nesting in the Rock 232 Jesus
Marion The Quiet Time 248 Spirituality
Markwell Angels in the Camp 920.72 Biographies
May Beethoven 780 Music
May Addiction and Grace 264 Liturgy
McAleese Reconciled, Being, Love in Chaos 230 Christianity
McGinley Saint Watching 271 Saints
McGinley Autumn Memoirs of St Alphonsus 271 Saints
McKenzie Autobiography 266 Missionaries
McKie Proud Echoes 920.725 True Stories
McLean Mozart 780 Music
McMahon Pray the Mass 264 Liturgy
McMahon Spiritual Direction Of A Gay Person 248 Christian Life
McPolin John 226 Gospels
Merton Thoughts in Solitude 248 Spirituality
Merton Contemplative Prayer 242 Prayer
Merton The Waters of Silence 271 Saints
Molony This is the Gospel of the Lord 226 Gospels
Monshau Preaching at the Double Feast 251 Preaching
Monti Francis and His Brothers 271 Religious Orders
Moore The Contagion of Jesus 230 Theology
Morneau Spiritual Direction 248 Spirituality
Morneau Reconciliation 234 Faith
Morwood Tomorrow’s Catholic 231 God/Holy Spirit
Mossi Canticles and Gathering Prayers 780 Music
Mountfield Tchaikovsky 780 Music
Muggeridge Something Beautiful for God 271 Religious Orders
Muggeridge The Eucharist and Everyday Life 264 Liturgy
Muller Sabbath 234 Faith
Nailor This is Your Place 994.1 WA History
Nanda Prayer 242 Prayer
NB Historical Society Recollections from a Shoreline 994.1 WA History
NB Historical Society The Catholic Church Diocese of Geraldton 994.1 WA History
Newman Apologia Pro Sua 248 Spirituality
Nielson 8 Key issues in Modern Society 241 Morality
Nignio Mainly About Prayer 242 Prayer
Norris The Noonday Demon 269 Spirit renewal
Norris Smiths Bible Dictionary 220 Bibles
Norris Models of the Church 262 Church Procedure
not listed Classics of Western Spirituality 248 Spirituality
not listed The Documents of Vatican II 262 Church
not listed Mary’s Life in Christ 232 Mary
not listed The Meditation Handbook 242 Prayer
not listed The NewJerusalem Bible 225 New Testament
not listed The Compact Bible Dictionary 220 Bibles
not listed A Good Health Fact Book 613 Health
not listed The New Companion to the Breviary 264 Liturgy
not listed Katherine Drexal – A Biography 920 Biographies
not listed Word into Silence 248 Spirituality
not listed A Practical Guide to Spiritual Reading 248 Spirituality
not listed Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary 232.91 Mary
Nouvwen Reaching Out 248 Spirituality
Nouwen Behold the Beauty of the Lord 242 Spirituality
Nouwen Life of the Beloved 232 Jesus
Nowen Intimacy 253 Physiology
O’Collins The Easter Jesus 232 Jesus
O’Collins The Second Journey 248 Spirituality
O’Donoughue The Sky is Not a Ceiling 282 Catholic Church
O’Farrell Catholic Church in Australia 994.1 WA History
O’Leary Travelling Light 234 Faith
Olesen Ecclesiastes 223 Bible
Ormeroo Introducing Contemporary Theologies 230 Christianity
Orsy Probing the Spirit 230 Theology
O’Sullivan Prayers and Relationships 231 God/Holy Spirit
Paroni Joyful in Hope 271 Religious Orders
Paroni St Francis and The Foolishness of God 271 Religious Orders
Paroni The Journey from the Heart to the Heart and Beyond 248 Spirituality
Pascuzzi First and Second Corinthians 227 Bible Commentaries
Pash Come Follow Me 232 Jesus
Payne Real Presence 232 Jesus
Peerini Catechism of Vatican II 238 Catechism
Pennington True Self false Self 248 Spirituality
Pennington Thomas Merton – Brother Monk 271 Religious Orders
Pennington The Eucharist Yesterday and Today 264 Liturgy
Pennington Finding Grace at the Centre 242 Prayer
Peter Dauntless Daughter of Desire 271 Saints
Philberth The Sovereign 234 Faith
Pierse A Wider Vision 242 Prayer
Pierse Silence into Service 242 Prayer
Pilcher House of Prayer 248 Prayer
Pohl, Buck Making Room 241 Morality
Pope John Paul II Man from a Far Country 262 Biographies
Pope John Paul II Crossing the Threshold of Hope 230 Christianity
Pope Pius Guide for Living 241 Morality
Powell The Secret of Staying In Love 234 Faith
Progoff The Practise of Process Meditation 248 Meditation
Quinn The Reform of the Papacy 262 Church Procedure
Radcliffe What is the Point of Being a Christian 248 Christian Life
Radice The Upanishads 291 Other Religions
Reardon Christ in His Saints 270 Saints
Redmont When in Doubt Sing 248 Prayer
Reilly The Rose 582 Flowers
Rice Prayerfully 242 Prayer
Rice New Testament 225 New Testament
Robeck St Clare of Assisi 271 Saints
Robinson Marriage Divorce and Bullity 262 Church Procedure
Robinson Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church 282 Catholic Church
Rohan Gnowangerup Sketchbook 994.1 WA History
Rohr Why Be Catholic 282 Catholic Church
Rohr Jesus’ Plan for a New World 232 Jesus
Rohr Job and the Mystery of Suffering 223 Psalms
Rohr Hope Against Darkness 271 Saints
Rohr Simplicity 242 Prayer
Rolheiser Secularity and the Gospel 236 Gospels
Rolheiser Good News Australia 225 New Testament
Roma Life Here and Hereafter 291 Other Religions
Roma Sorbonost 248 Christian Life
Ross On Death and Dying 155 Death and Dying
Rupp The Circle of Life 242 Meditation
Rupp Praying our Goodbyes 242 Prayer
Rupp Your Sorrow is My Sorrow 242 Prayer
Russo A Friend Indeed 994.1 WA History
Sadunate Song in Siberia 920.72 WA History
Scally To Speed on Angels Wings 271 Religious Orders
Schultz How to Pray with the Bible 220 Bible
Schutte Walking the Sacred Path 248 Christian Life
Sellner Finding the Monk Within 271 Religious Life
Shannon Silence on Fire 242 Prayer
Shea Spiritual Wisdom 226 Gospels
Shea The Christ- Life 232 Jesus
Sheed Our Hearts are Restless 242 Meditation
Sheed Christian Meditation 242 Meditation
Sheed Rockchoppers 282 Catholic Church
Sheed In the House of the Lord 242 Meditation
Sheed Noon to Nightfall 155 Death and Dying
Sheehan Let the People Cry Amen 221 Old Testament
Shepherd The Psalm in Christian Worship 223 Psalms
Sisters of St Joseph Irene 271 Religious Orders
Smiles First Thessalonians 225 New Testament
Smith ABC’s of Healthy Grieving 155 Death and Dying
Smith Finding God in Each Moment 612 Health
Smyth Riverdance 782 Arts
Solomon Vegetarian Cookbook 641.5 Cooking
Spearing Cloud of Unknowing 248 Christian Life
Spong A New Christian for a New World 234 Faith
Sr Bain A History of the CWA of WA 994.1 WA History
Sr Cabrini A Story is Told 940.5472 WA History
Sr Cabrini The Busher Pioneers 994.12 WA History
Sr Dee Have you Met this Woman 270 Christian Community
Sr Heffey Understanding the Psalms 223 Psalms
St Fontana Channels of Mercy 994.1 WA History
St Paul Publishing Catechism of the Catholic Church 238 Catechism
St Thomas Aquinas Compendium of Theology 230 Christianity
Staples They Made Their Destriny 994.1 Aust History
Staub The Anatomy of a Saint 271 Saints
Steenol – Rast A Listening Heart 248 Spiritual Life
Steindal Common Sense Spirituality 242 Spirituality
Suidak Voice of the Turtle Dove 248 Spirituality
Swan The Forgotten Desert Mothers 270 Saints
Szekely The Gospels of the Essenes 226 Gospels
Talbot Reflections of the Gospel 226 Gospels
Talbot The Lover and the Beloved 248 Spirituality
Taylor Living Simply with Cancer 612 Health
Thick Love in Action 291 Other Religions
Thompson The Magpies Nest 80 Quotes
Torkington Peter Calvey – Hermit 248 Spirituality
Trainor About Angels 235 Angels
Vaillume Seeds of the Desert 226 Missionaries
Valters Painter Lecto Divina 248 Christian Life
Van Kaam The Women at the Well 248 Spirituality
Vani Good News for Modern Man 220 Bible
Vanier Tears of Silence 818 Poetry
Vanier Community and Growth 248 Spirituality
Vanier The Broken Body 248 Spirituality
Vanier Journal of a Soul 262 Papacy
Vanier Laughing with God 261 Social Justice
Vanier Be Not Afraid 223 Psalms
Vanier Eruption to Hope 234 Faith
Vinetth Yoga of Spirituality 248 Other Religions
Wallace Killing Me Softly 248 Spirituality
Ward The Jesus Prayer 232 Jesus
Ware St Benedict of the Freeway 255 Spiritual Life
Warmus Louis Comfort Tiffany 709 Arts
Watt Back to Basics in Balingup 994.1 WA History
Waugh No Man is an Island 920.72 Biographies
Way The Garden of the Beloved 226 Parables
Weatherhead A Private House of Prayer 242 Prayer
Webster Sands of Silence 248 Spirituality
Whelan The Call To Be 248 Spirituality
Wicks God Will Take Care of Us All 271 Saints
Wilber Up from Eden 128 Evolution
Wilson Take My Hand 920.72 History
Wilson Ten Fingers for God 920.72 True Stories
Winter The Atonement 232 Theology
Woititz Adult Children of Alcoholics 362.29 Alcohol Problems
Wybourne Work and Prayer 248 Christian Life